Valle del Cauca is a well-known location to all paragliding fans. We had the chance to fly paragliders over this impressively beautiful valley. Our starting point was a 1000 m mountain close to Rodanillo, Colombia.

We packed all our equipment and went up by car. After the clouds cleared we were instructed by the 2 pilots who would take us for a very exciting adventure. We were told to start running towards the edge of the mountain and not to stop under any circumstances. This sounds probably easier than it really is as you basically feel like you are jumping down a cliff with a very heavy backpack.

We eventually did exactly what we were told and were absolutely ecstatic by this unknown, yet so very pleasant feeling. The freedom you feel while flying like a bird cannot be prescribed in words. It is a fantastic sensation and you definitely find your inner peace underneath the fabric wing. Sitting in the paragliding harness is actually pretty comfortable. Paraglider flights can last many hours and cover many hundreds of kilometers.

Our flight lasted for about 45 minutes and we enjoyed every second of it. Several turns and maneuvers made our flight even more action-packed. It is definitely very rewarding to show some courage and give it a go.

If you happen to travel to Colombia and you want to try it yourself, check out our trustworthy friends at Valle-Del-Parapente.
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