Hotel Boutique Studio is a cozy little hotel in the beautiful city of Manizales. We had a pleasure to spend there two nights. During this time we took a great rest and charged the batteries before exploring the nearby mountains and hot springs.

The atmosphere in the hotel, unlike in many others, is very familiar and inviting. We felt welcome from the very first moments.

Our room was very comfortable with a big bed and a flat TV screen. There was a spinning machine which Ben used gladly and a sauna where we relaxed in the evening.

Hotel Boutique Studio serves buffet breakfasts and delicious home-made lunches available not only to the guests but to everyone attracted by low prices and big portions. In the evening you can spend some time at the hotel’s bar sipping colorful drinks or enjoying a freshly brewed coffee coming from their very own plantation.

There are a few unique things about this hotel that distinguish it from all other places. One of them is certainly a special collaboration between Boutique Studio and the OSB Dental Center located right across the street.

All the patients using the treatment in the clinic are welcome to stay in the hotel. That wouldn’t be anything special if not the emergency button a patient can press staying in a room. This way medical care can be provided 24/7 by the OCB Dental Center staff without giving up comfort and convenience of hotel accommodation.


We had a pleasure to try the cleaning procedure offered by the Clinic and were happy to test the high-tech laser treatment available only in the best dental centers around the world.

Another wonderful advantage is the optional stay in the countryside house belonging to the hotel where you can learn about coffee cultivation and wake up to an amazing view. If you plan to stay in Manizales for few days, this is a wonderful opportunity to know the region better and soothe your nerves with peace and quiet interrupted only by the birds singing. Is there anything more relaxing?

The food served at the hotel’s restaurant is prepared with fruits and vegetables coming straight from their countryside plantation. Therefore they can ensure the best quality.

The last thing but probably the most incredible one is the hotel’s garden. What can be amazing about a garden you may ask. Well, this one, full of lettuce, carrots, herbs, and many other goodies, grows at the street corner just outside the Boutique Studio. The owners grow it for… everyone! Any person passing by can grab a pot of lettuce or pick a few twigs of thyme. If that’s not wonderful then I don’t know what it is!

Long story short- Hotel Boutique Studio in Manizales is a comfortable and cozy place with many incredible features. It is run by genuinely generous people who care about others and will surely take great care of you when you decide to stay with them! Highly recommended!

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