Traveling Iceland By Tandem Bicycle

Iceland was the place we longed most to see on this trip. That is why we decided to go traveling Iceland by tandem bicycle. Already after leaving the airport, we knew we were totally right and that our seriously high expectations were going to be fulfilled soon. Iceland is THE MOST mind-blowing country we have ever visited. The amount of beauty surrounding you WHEREVER YOU ARE is overwhelming to the point you start to wonder if your brain can handle all of it.

A man on a tandem bicycle in Akranes, Iceland
On our way to Akranes
stunning Fjord in Iceland
stunning fjord
A woman on a tandem bicycle on the way to Akureyri, Iceland
On our way to Akureyri
National road in Iceland
National road in Iceland

We arrived at Keflavik airport completely exhausted after the most stressful flight ever. After waking up before sunrise and a long journey to the Belfast airport carrying cardboard for the tandem, we barely managed to pack the bike on time and literally ran to catch our plane. Surprisingly- we made it without having any of the bike parts broken, and we carried on to Reykjavik- the Icelandic capital.

A man on a tandem bicycle in Iceland
Iceland is breathtaking
woman standing in the countryside of Iceland
What a beauty
A blonde man standing next to a fjord in Iceland
Traveling Iceland
A woman sitting on a big chair in the countryside of Iceland
A little break
A couple on a tandem bicycle in Iceland
We will be back in Iceland


The first evening was full of attractions. There was no time to eat or take a rest. We went to a free concert with our host! We had a chance to listen to one of the current greatest Icelandic acoustic pop artists (this guy) in an apparently legendary pub called KEX, established in the old biscuit factory. On our way back another surprise was waiting. For the first time in our lives, we have seen the northern lights and we loved it! Running around the city we chased the Aurora and just couldn’t get enough!

A posing man on a tandem bicycle and a woman wearing a helmet in the foreground, in Iceland
It has been cold but always beautiful!
A man wearing a bicycle helmet in Iceland
We love Iceland
A man from the back riding a bicycle in Iceland
Icelandic Vibes

We have been traveling Iceland for 21 days and covered a distance of 1500 km. On good days we were basically flying- pushed by a strong tailwind. On bad days we were dying- cold, wet, and exhausted, doing 70 km in 10 hours instead of planned 170. The wind is a serious issue on the island and can’t be underestimated. When it gets serious, roads are closed and people get stuck in their houses. The strong wind on the worst days can easily flip trucks and break off roofs.

A man on a tandem bicycle at the Oxi Pass, in Iceland
Oxi Pass
smiling Benjamin Nerding turning to the camera, in Iceland
Beautiful Iceland
A man bathing in a hot spring in Iceland
Bathing in a hot spring
Marta Sobczak standing between rocks in Iceland
Volcano hiking

One of the most beautiful countries in the world!

The nature of Iceland is certainly extraordinary and very beautiful but also full of natural resources. Houses all over the island are heated with water coming from underground hot springs. Beware, it is very easy to get burned under the shower! It is also worth mentioning that the water contains large amounts of sulfur. It makes showering in Iceland very beneficial for your hair, skin, and general health. The disadvantage is, for some unbearable, the odor of rotten eggs which the water exudes.

A couple holding with tandem bicycle in Iceland
We love Iceland
Volcano hiking
hot spring- Namafjall
hot spring- Namafjall
A hugging couple in Iceland
Traveling couple
A man on a tandem bicycle in Hella, Iceland
On the way to Hella / Traveling Iceland By Tandem Bicycle

Huge Polish Population 

The population of Iceland doesn’t exceed 340 thousand. Yet almost 10% of all inhabitants are Polish! For that reason, Iceland felt almost like home, at least for Marta. Frankly, Polish-speaking people literally saved our journey. Because of harsh weather conditions (rain, cold and terrible winds) and very limited Couchsurfing opportunities, we really had to struggle to find a night in a warm place. Desperate for help, we posted a short letter on the “Polish People in Iceland” group on Facebook.

Explaining our situation we asked for shelter anywhere on the island and the number of responses was overwhelming and, to be honest, really touching. We received invitations to almost all the places we wished to visit. Marta’s nationals helped us, fed us, and showed us around many times. We couldn’t be more grateful, once again THANK YOU very much, guys, you are the best!

2 women and a man sitting on a bench at the Icelandic seaside
With Linda in Akranes
A brunette woman with a girl sitting in a car
Amelia <3
2 men and 2 women having breakfast in the living room
With Linda and Arek
W child on a tandem bicycle and a woman holding the bicycle, in Iceland
With Inga 🙂
Marta and Ben written on a stone, including a tandem bicycle
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Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to meet many Icelandic people but those whom we got to know were very kind and helped us a lot during our travel. Like all Scandinavians, Icelanders seemed to be a bit reserved and reluctant in portraying emotions. At the same time, they are extremely polite, respectful, and well educated. The most surprising thing for us was their trustfulness. People in Iceland never lock their houses, even if they go out! They believe that nobody has any business entering their place (and if they get robbed- the thief will not go far!) and surprisingly it seems to work out for them perfectly.

A woman standing in front of a geysir in Iceland
A couple with a tandem bicycle at the Godafoss Waterfalls, Iceland
Godafoss Waterfalls
A man pretending to push apart a canyon in Iceland
Just kidding
A man sitting on a bench in a fjord in Iceland
One of the most beautiful places I have ever been

Icelandic food

The Icelandic diet seems to be very healthy and well-balanced. We had a chance to try some delicious Arctic char and lovely salmon. One of the local specialties is dried fish- a very nutritious snack. Iceland offers also shark, whale, and seal meat, available in some supermarkets and restaurants. We need to check it out on our next trip! Close to Myvatn Lake, we tasted the most amazing bread ever- Rúgbrauð- baked underground in natural ovens for 12 hours. It keeps you full for a very long time! Our protein source was often Skyr- a thick, Greek-style yogurt low on fat and pretty tasty.

Icelandic bread
Icelandic bread
Icelandic horses
Icelandic horses
Beautiful sunset in Hvammstangi, Iceland
Beautiful sunset in Hvammstangi
bicycle rider in Iceland
Long road ahead
A woman standing in the countryside of Iceland
Iceland beauty
A couple Volcano hiking in Iceland
Volcano hiking
Selfie of a couple at the Myvatn lake
Hot spring close to the Myvatn lake
A couple on a quad in Iceland
Traveling Iceland
A couple on a quad in Iceland
Quad tour

The landscape was changing every day. Green fjords were followed by high mountains, mossy lava rocks, and vast tundra. We have seen black beaches, volcanoes (and even climbed one-Leirhnjúkur!). The highlight though was the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon where you can see ice tongues coming off glaciers. Never in our lives have we had a chance to see so many waterfalls and so many wonderful sunsets. We bathed in a warm spring in the middle of nowhere and passed by places that looked totally like the moon. We petted Icelandic horses and were lucky enough to see a couple of renders!

Sunset in Hofn
Sunset in Hofn
A woman with a tandem bicycle at the Iceberg Lagoon, Iceland
Iceberg Lagoon
A couple at the Iceberg lagoon, in Iceland
Iceberg lagoon
A couple standing at the seaside in Iceland during sunset
Tired but happy
A sign with Icelandic names

A beautiful challenge 

Iceland was surely the greatest challenge and the most outstanding place during our journey so far. It left us breathless because of both- its beauty and harsh conditions we had to face daily. Often we were drained out after long days of cycling but always grateful for the experience. After every curve, there was a new adventure waiting for us, a different form of beauty, and another test of strength. We are proud to say that we made it and nailed it! Iceland- we will be back!

The sunset in Hofn, Iceland
The sunset in Hofn
A man and a tandem bicycle on the road in Hofn, Iceland
A man on a tandem bicycle in Blonduos
On our way to Blonduos
A man on a bicycle at a Icelandic fjord
Icelandic fjord

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