Golte Resort

Golte Resort is definitely one of the most beautifully located places we have ever stayed in. Built on the top of the mountain it is accessible by a cable cart or a long, curvy, and steep road starting in the Mozirje village. We know it because we have chosen the second option.

No matter through which window you look, there is always a breathtaking view. Even though it is a ski resort we recommend it to everyone who likes summer hikes in the mountains. If you prefer to spend your holidays in an active way this is surely a place for you.

During our stay we had a chance to take a three-hour trek around the mountain, we played minigolf, visited the nearest lake, went to the Alpine Garden and had lunch in a mountain hut.

Golte Resort

In the resort, you can also find a very nice gym with new equipment and really beautiful wellness space with saunas and a whirlpool. There is a quite tall climbing wall for those who need more adrenaline and a chairlift up for those who like the view but don’t feel like walking.

The whole place is very spacious with a restaurant’s windows overlooking the mountains. The food there was very delicious, both at breakfast and dinner time.

We can’t stress enough how nice, kind, and polite all the staff was. They were all very helpful and received us with warm food even though we made it there in the middle of the night.

We will surely remember Golte Resort, we made there some great memories and had loads fun.

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Golte Resort

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