Hotel Les Roches

Hotel Les Roches in Kourou is a beautiful resort located right on the seashore. It was the biggest pleasure to fall asleep with the sound of waves and wake up to the view of clear sky and calm blue water.

All the guests can enjoy a great swimming pool with a spacious terrace and a restaurant. We tried there a tasty fish with green papaya gratin, shrimps, a special Guyanese salad with local blood sausage, and a delicious freshly pressed pineapple juice.

If you want to bring a souvenir from Kourou you don’t have to look far. On the first floor of the hotel, there is a shop where you can find gifts, jewelry, and postcards.

We enjoyed our mornings having delicious fresh orange juice and coffee together with fresh croissants looking at the ocean and palms. There is no more pleasant way to start a day!

We recommend this hotel to all sea lovers. It’s hard to imagine a better place to enjoy all its beauty.


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Hotel Les Roches

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