On the old road between Mindo-Nono-Quito, somewhere in the middle of a wet-misty field, you will find the BELLA VISTA CLOUD FOREST RESERVE LODGE. Famous for its bird and wildlife watching experiences, you can relax between your tours or just take pictures of animals you most likely have never seen before.

In 1989, Richard and his wife Gloria started to look into this area to purchase land. The goal was to buy land and to preserve the beauty of this remarkable place. After some years, they finally found a good place and started to create the Bella Vista Cloud Forest Reserve Lodge. Now almost 30 years later, the trails are still maintained and wildlife is still vividly co-living with the coming tourists.

One of the treasures that can be observed is the nocturnal olinguito, a mysterious animal that is home in the Andean cloud forest of central Columbia and eastern Ecuador. With the size of a domestic cat and a face that is closest described as ‘teddybear-like’, it can best be described as cute and adorable. It can be spotted very frequently, just outside the dining room when it comes to dinner. Luckily, it has a similar schedule than its human observers.


For the active eco-tourists, a wide variety of trails are suggested and mapped out within the property. You can choose for yourself to go on a hike from anywhere between 30min to 4 hours. Additionally, guides are available to make sure you don’t miss out on any wildlife nor getting lost in the density of the cloud forest.

Bella Vista Cloud Forest Reserve is a perfect spot to get out of the tourist crowds of Mindo and into the wildlife of the Andean Rainforest. From the comfort of your bed, you can literally watch the birds come by your window to show off their colors. Is there anything better to wake up in the early morning to the soothing sounds of birds tweaking their good morning song from your window sill?

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