The Hacienda El Sinche is located about 1,5 hours drive to the South of Quito and 10 minutes from the lovely town of Machachi. The Cotopaxi national park is about a 1-hour drive away. The Hacienda El Sinche is an experience you should not miss.

We were welcome super friendly and were taken care of till the second we left. The hacienda is a huge farmhouse with dogs, cows, bulls, and horses. You have plenty of options to hike around or go horse riding. The Hacienda offers many types of different comfortable boutique-style rooms.

Choose between single, matrimonial, double, triple, quadrible rooms. The hacienda also offers dorms or a guesthouse. All rooms come with private bathrooms and toiletries.

The breakfast is unbeatable! Enjoy plenty of fresh fruits with self-made yogurt, cheese or yogurt along with oats and granola. Eggs or omelet with bred, self-made butter and much more to start your day.

Be sure that lunch and dinner are at least as good as breakfast so enjoy every second of it.

The hotel offers private parking, free Wifi, bottled water, and heating. The staff will tell you many interesting facts about the region and life there. Wonderful people, great service and wonderful memories. Thanks a lot, Amparito, Anibal and Jose Luis.

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