The HACIENDA MANTELES is located in the Patate region, about 11 km off the Ruta Ecológica (50 minutes from Ambato and 40 min from Baños).

This upscale rustical-style hotel engages in certified ecotourism practices. It supports local communities in creating businesses, has an organic garden, and protects 200 hectares of the surrounding cloud forest.

The establishment is a family farm that has opened its doors to tourism in 1992. It is characterized by a welcoming atmosphere, personalized service, good food, and beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Manteles has been named an IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) by the BirdLife International Foundation. It is the winner of the World Travel Awards in “Best Green Destination Hotel in Ecuador 2017” and in “Leader in Responsible Tourism in South America 2018”.

Beautiful landscapes!

Behind Manteles are more than 200 hectares of forest, where you can carry out activities such as walks, horseback riding, and other excursions. This forest is part of the buffer zone of the Llanganates National Park – where legend has it that the Inca treasure of Atahualpa is hidden.

Choose between the spacious suites or junior suites, which all have amazing views of the Patate valley and the Volcán Tungurahua. The hacienda also offers beautiful rooms within the main building. All rooms come with private bathrooms, toiletries, heater, and some even with a jacuzzi.

Horse riding, canyoneering, bird-watching, and ziplining over the cloud forest are some of the activities you can do. The Hacienda Manteles also offers massages in the rooms.

Learn how to milk a cow following the techniques used by peasants. After that, you can take a walk around and visit the garden or hike to the nearby waterfalls.

In Hacienda Manteles you can see a great variety of birds. The best hours for the sighting are between 5 – 9 in the morning and 4-6 in the afternoon depending on the weather conditions and season of the year.

Manteles offers free parking and Wifi on the property. Enjoy a fantastic breakfast to start your day. The hacienda also offers lunch and dinner to its clients. For more information please visit:

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