Hospedaje Las Chimeneas is located in the wonderful Ecuadorian Andes in the northern part of the country in the lovely town of El Angel. The air in this small pueblo is fresh and the views are absolutely breathtaking so it’s a great choice for all those willing to explore Ecuador off the beaten path.

Surely the best place to stay in El Angel is surely Las Chimeneas, a hostel ran by a beautiful family who welcomed us there with opened arms even though we arrived late at night soaking wet and full of mud.

There was nothing better than a hot shower and a comfortable, big bed after a long ride through the mountains. We were also offered a warm beverage which brought back some energy.

Our room was pretty, very clean and comfortable and the hostel was a very quiet and peaceful place so we could sleep undisturbed.

The hostel offers also bigger, family rooms, a kitchen where the guests can prepare their meals, a camping area and a safe garage If you feel like having a bit of luxury, you can also spend a night in a room with a cozy fireplace.

In the morning we had a tasty breakfast at the little cafe belonging to the hostel and spent some time with the owner who turned out to be a lovely and warm person.

We are very grateful that we had an opportunity to spend some time in Las Chimeneas and meet the family who runs it. With all our hearts we recommend it to all travelers visiting El Angel!

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