Posada El Solar de Los Abuelos is located in Tabay, only 20 km away from Merida. There is no region more picturesque in the entire country than the Venezuelan mountains. Tabay is a perfect spot to set off for hiking and bicycle trips and enjoy all the beautiful corners.

Posada El Solar de Los Abuelos is a family business run by lovely people with a lot of great spirit and devotion for their job. We really enjoyed our stay there and for a moment could feel at home.

Each room in El Solar is a little cosy apartment with fully equipped kitchen, dining space, a bathroom and a bedroom. The interiors are warm and welcoming, with some personal touches like framed poems of Pablo Neruda hanging on the walls. It was wonderful to cook a proper meal by ourselves and for a while taking a break from travelling.  A freshly brewed coffee on the terrace and a walk around the little, pretty town were all that we needed to charge our batteries and gather the energy for new adventures.

We recommend this posada to all tourists and travellers visiting Venezuelan mountains. It’s beautiful, peaceful and perfectly located. Book your stay and thank us later!

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