CASA DE RETIROS SANTIAGO APOSTOL is a monastery run by the kindest monks in Ayange.

The accommodation is on a small hill overlooking the town, its beach, and the nearby countryside. You have private access to the beach, which is only 5 minutes’ walk away.

You can choose between all kinds of different rooms on 3 different floors. Enjoy the pool with an amazing view. Enjoy many different kinds of books in various languages in the library and chill in the hammocks.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at the hotel. The meals have been just amazing. The quality and quantity are overwhelming and you will be more than satisfied with all the services offered. You will find also a chapel and a huge dining room with a kitchen at the hotel.

We highly recommend you choose this accommodation if you are looking for a quiet stay with your family, or friends. Casa De Retiros is perfectly suitable for events such as weddings, birthday parties and more.

The monks will make you feel very welcome from the moment you enter the hotel till the second you leave.

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