Indoor Bouldering

We don’t have to introduce INDOOR BOULDERING to anyone interested in sports. This great activity is an excellent overall body exercise but has an extra value for those willing to build up and strengthen up the upper body muscles. We had a chance to try it two times together. The first time was to celebrate Ben’s birthday as this is certainly an activity he enjoys a lot.

The second time we climbed was in a great hall in Mannheim- the Boulder Island, not far from where Ben grew up. Now that’s what we call a bouldering center! The place was huge with various climbing routes adjusted for people with different capacities and abilities. The easy ones we loved to climb fast and work on the hard ones together. We figured out what’s the best way of approaching a respective problem and even though some of them turned out to be far too difficult to us, we’ve managed to cross a few of our own limits.

Give it all!

Marta enjoyed very much the slackline designed to practice one’s balance and posture. Meanwhile Ben practiced more technical and complicated bouldering movements required to pass by steep, overhanging surfaces.

Boulder Island was full of life and attracted many people of all ages. There was a special space for children as birthday parties can be organized there. We find this idea frankly genius- a great way to spend free time and implant the love of sports in kids.

After a tiring workout- because that what bouldering is in the first place, guests can relax during a ping pong match or a game of table soccer. We found everything we could wish for and recommend this place to everyone. The activity is great for everyone who loves to actively spend their time and to improve their overall fitness! Have fun and get stronger!

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a man who is bouldering
Only happy vibes!
blonde man bouldering
Always on the way up!
climbing man
Give it all!!
a blonde man doing indoor bouldering in Mannheim
There are many different routes to the top.
climbing shoes
Good equipment
a woman climbing
Be a fighter
woman on a slackline
a smiling man in sports wear
We recommend indoor bouldering
a man with green t-shirt indoor bouldering
Let’s finish this wall!
blonde man indoor bouldering
Sometimes it is pretty tricky!

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