What Does Home Mean To Me?

This can be a pretty tricky question for someone who has been traveling the world since February 2011. While writing this article I was home for a couple of days to reorganize my travels, visiting friends, and family. It is very important to take a deep breath once in a while. I guess this deep breath I am talking about can only be experienced where you feel home. We are all social primates and therefore need other people to be truly happy.

Vineyards and mountains in Rhineland Palatinate,Germany
Landau in der Pfalz!

Even though it is hard to maintain stable relationships with friends and family members while being on the road I do feel very much at ease where I was born. It can be easy to talk to people who you grew up with because you were brought in a similar environment and educational system. You were tough similar believes and shared many external impressions. It can be easy to communicate and be in tune with many things.

Two German travelers hiking through the mountains in Switzerland
Me and my brother Valle!

Feel At Home, whenever + wherever!

However, if I am at a beautiful spot or surround by nice people abroad I do feel something similar. It isn’t the same because the spots and people who take your breath away abroad are new and unfamiliar to you. But surely you can be in awe of people and landscape at where you grew up.

A blonde German man having lunch with his grandfather
My grandfather Helmut (in this photo 93 years old)!

At the same time, I find you very rarely have this fantastic new, refreshing experience with people at “home” what you would have when you are meeting people from somewhere else. It can be very mind-opening to meet people who grew up in a totally different place with beliefs very much unlike yours. It feels amazing to click with such people and learn something new.

Selfie of three German Friends at Home
Me and my friends Lisa + Tobias

But family and friends can make you feel rooted which is substantial too.

Selfie of Two German brothers at home
Ben and his brother Valle at home!

All in all, home really can be anywhere for me. It is important to be happy with whatever you do wherever you are. Optimally, you also should be with at least one person who improves your wellbeing substantially. If you feel happiness and joy then I guess you could call that home.

A blonde man taking a bath at home
Just chillaxing!

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