Restaurant Pho 88 / French Guiana

Restaurant Pho 88 is a small restaurant in Montjoly, around ten kilometers from Cayenne’s city center. We found them by luck and were happy to discover that their chef, who by the way comes from Vietnam, knows his job.

Their menu is very short and that is the first good news. The second one is a selection of delicious starters both vegetarian and meat lovers. Now, these flavors bring you to Asia in no time, especially when served with fresh vegetables, spicy sauces, and freshly pressed juice.

And when you think that it can’t get any better, they bring you the pho soup. Some of you will say that that’s nothing special, not since yesterday you can find pho soup in tens of restaurants in every big city. Sure, you are right, but not one like this!

Not only the meat is super thin, the fish extra fresh and vegetables so crispy! The broth is just amazing and even though the big portion was far too much for any of us (there is a small bowl available as well) we ate everything till the last drop.

If you visit Cayenne or maybe live there and still didn’t visit Pho 88. Don’t waste time, taste some fine Vietnamese cuisine, and travel to Asia without leaving the table.

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