11 Tips On How To Travel By Camper Van

“All he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road: the Original Scroll

There’s no better way to really unearth the remote unspoiled corners of a country and experience the unfiltered local life, than by going there with a camper van, a home on the wheels. The dream of riding in nature, being your own master and decide when and where to stop, seems often so appealing. But there are important things to consider before starting your road trip. Here are 11 tips on how to make your travel with a camper more comfortable and successful. Here are Tips On How To Travel By Camper Van:

11 Tips On How To Travel By Camper Van

1. Go with the right travel partner

First things first, when you’re going overland in a tiny van/motorhome, you want to embark on the journey with someone you trust and get along with really really well.  You’ll be spending a lot of time and doing a lot of things together.

two laughing people sitting on a table with foods in a camper van
CamperVan Life

2. Take your time, map out your itinerary, and leave some room for spontaneity.

If you want to go off the beaten path, you’ll have to deal with primitive roads and little or no infrastructure. Considering that #vanlife is not popular in many parts of the world, it’s practically non-existent in many places, there are very few camping zones. Hence, it is very important to have an initial itinerary in mind. But of course, you’ll enjoy the fun part of the mobile home: you can be spontaneous, chose your own pace, stay wherever you want, whenever you want and for as long as you want without compromising the comforts of a home. If you plan on visiting certain parts of the world, we have done our research and we’ll share our know-how and offer you some of the finest adventures around Georgia below.

Jeep with a trailer standing next to a tree on the countryside
11 Tips On How To Travel By Camper Van

3. Do a thorough maintenance check-up of the camper

This is something we do ourselves before renting out our Dens, but if you are traveling with yours make sure you take your time and make sure everything’s on its place.

A camper Van from the inside
11 Tips On How To Travel By Camper Van

4. Sort out the Navigation

Goes without saying that once you hit the road, you should have your navigation up and running.

Make sure you have an offline map, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection.  We recommend  Osmand Maps, but google maps works fine too. And we also love the park4night app where you have lots of tips, routes, and recommendations. Another app that can be recommended is Maps.me, an  OpenSource project which its strongest point being little space usage.

Jeep with a trailer in the woods and three people standing next to it

5. Be a conscious traveler, know your resources

Everyone who at least once did a road trip with a camper knows how important it is to be conscious of how much water, gas or electricity to use. They are all finite resources that need to be carefully consumed. Of course, you refill and recharge them as you go, but you don’t want to waste anything without a real purpose.

6. Make the right choices when it comes to Gear and Essentials

Take only what you need. Travel light and save space. When it comes to clothes, gear, and camping outdoor essentials, opt-in for the quality, don’t spare the $$, it will be worth it. Depending on the length of the trip the amount of food/snacks/booze will vary, but make sure you stock the right things and right amount. Always have the first aid kit, spare batteries, chargers and cables.

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Van Life

7. Go Slow

This is where you can be spontaneous. The beauty of having a home on the wheels is the flexibility. Take your time, take in everything around you, meet locals, hear them out, they will tell you things you can not find in any guidebook. Their advice can be worth much more enlightening.

8. Have some cash for the road

Having cash at hand is always a good idea, especially when visiting small towns. Credit cards aren’t necessarily accepted and you don’t want to miss out on the goods they might have to offer.

A campervan in the woods next to a shelter


It’s something you might overlook when on the road, but it is extremely important to pin down where the gas/fuel stations are. It’s very important to be conscious of the fuel as you might miss the station and not find the next one for a very long time. Also, if possible, you should refill the water tanks, re-charge the gas and re-stock on the essentials.

10. Don’t forget the Outdoor furniture and accessories

Once you find where to settle, it is extremely important to make the most of the outdoor space. Be sure to have:

  • outdoor tent
  • portable table/chairs
  • portable light / LED string lights
  • heater/AC unit
  • Sunscreen/Mosquito spray/insect nets
  • Portable BBQ
  • Firestarter
  • blankets
  • hammock
  • outdoor cooking essentials ( portable gas stove, portable fridge, utensils ) and of course the variety of spices, herbs, condiments, vegetables, cooking oil, and simply your favorite food that can be cooked in the outdoors.
A person in a red hammock in front of a campervan and a shelter
Pure Happiness

11. Don’t forget the Entertainment

Last but not least make sure you have fun once you settle and have nothing to worry about. Have your music, books, cards, table-games, frisbee, snacks and ideally mini screen and projector that will totally change your movie experience.

two girls next to a campervan
Nature Pure!

Not sure how to start such an adventure?

Georgia is a tiny country sandwiched between Europe and Asia, with the overpowering Caucasus mountain range to the north and the black sea to the west. Despite the sheer small size its stunning wilderness, the raw beauty has got people talking about it. Georgia’s historical account is overwhelming and all the more interesting when you hear that it has been a playground for various nations throughout the centuries, be it Romans, Persians, Arabs, Mongols, Ottomans, and Russians. Nevertheless, it has still remained an independent country with its unique language, identity, and traditions. Every region of Georgia is distinctive, rich, and peculiar with its people, culture, food, and traditions. There are many ways to explore Georgia’s ancient and remote villages, soaring summits, hidden magical lakes, vast open valleys, or sweeping desserts.

A Jeep with a camper van next to a red shelter
The outdoors

This is where Traveling Den comes into play. Traveling Den incorporates various types of campers, vans, caravans. All of which were created with people in mind who are looking for alternative ways of discovering Georgia. Traveling Dens offers compactness and functionality to meet with aesthetics and sustainability. Traveling Den boasts all conveniences of home including kitchen, common area, storage, bathroom (compost toilet), and outdoor furniture. Anyone with a  license and good driving experience can go on an adventure with van/caravan and enjoy the freedom of the wild outdoors. They have loads of tips and recommendations and will gladly share them with you.

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