Hotel Coco Honey Hill

About 4km away from Las Terrenas, build on a beautiful hill overseeing the picturesque landscape of the Samana peninsula you will find the hotel Coco Honey Hill. Newly opened in December 2019 it stands out from its surrounding concurrence.

You can choose between 2 honeymoon suites and a matrimonial room. Both are equipped with a private bathroom and basic toiletries. While you can enjoy the amazing view from your matrimonial room at the balcony, you have a rooftop terrasse with a jacuzzi and sun bench in the suite.

Both rooms are of a high standard and super comfortable.

First-Class Accommodation 

On the entire property, you have a stable wifi connection and a fantastic view over the hills down to the nearby beach.

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the hotel which you can either have at a cozy restaurant with AC or outside.

The hotel includes a gym and a gorgeous ozone swimming pool. You can participate in a nutrition program for better health.

The hotel is equipped with a helicopter landing space and offers its tourist boat tours to remote beaches. You can also use the hotels’ shuttle service to and from the airport.

A fantastic place to enjoy your holidays in Las Terrenas. Please have a look at the following links to obtain more information about this establishment.




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