World House Wetten

Only 20km from the Dutch border, the little town of Kevelaer can be found. Tranquility and relaxation are guaranteed here. The German countryside can be felt first hand. The beauty of the surroundings cannot only be seen from your window but tasted on the breakfast table as well. On top of that, this place is taking responsibility in their own hands. Everything the World House Wetten offers for their breakfast and in their minibar is either homegrown or locally produced, making this place a perfect spot for eco-responsible travelers.

The owner is also busy with a few projects to transform the way we think and act in our society. The critical thinking about capitalism and feminism comes across while talking to the super nice owner Tarra and will definitely enlighten your view on certain ideas that we have in our modern world. The rest of the staff is also very friendly and helpful. It gives your stay a family-like atmosphere.

Tranquil and Calm

The rooms are spacious and even a suite with your own kitchen can be rented. It includes a private balcony and a view over the needly cared for garden. Want to meditate? The silent room built into an old tower from the earlier times offers you tranquility and the space to chill out.

Conference rooms on the 2nd floor can be rented out on special venues, making the World House Wetten a perfect spot for weddings or other workshops of any kind. The future plans of the WHW involve their ambitions of making an impact in their surroundings by changing the way we think about money, compensation, and the exchange of goods.

So why not support such an amazing project and have a good and relaxing moment there?


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