Rafting in Venezuela

Go Rafting in Venezuela! We absolutely enjoyed our rafting experience in Venezuela with our guide Alejandro and his staff. This water sport requires a great deal of teamwork and discipline and we all tried our best to battle the white water together.

Rafting is quite a safe sport if you use proper precautions and don’t choose the riskiest river. Surely it can vary from one moment to another but if you do exactly what is needed to be done you are unlikely to be harmed. Stay on the raft by all means! Even though from time to time you might get the feeling that you are falling down, you will get quickly used to that. Look ahead and know what is expecting you so you can act accordingly as a team. Teamwork is certainly important to do rafting!

Go Rafting in Venezuela!

If you do fall out of the raft you need to protect your head and turn on the back in order to bounce away from any objects with your feed and avoid unwanted collisions with rocks. With time rafting gets easier and you will get better and thus feel safer. It is certainly a lot of fun to head down the river on an inflatable boat. Every location varies and you won’t get bored to try different rivers. We highly recommend this sport to families, groups of friends, or couples as this is the perfect way to bond. Give it a try, don’t be afraid, and have faith in your abilities and your team. Thus, we recommend everyone highly to check out the following links for more information. We love Venezuela and loved our Rafting experience in Barinos!

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