Atta lodge canopy walkway is likely the most popular lodge in the country. That is because of the canopy walk which attracts all the tourists and bird watchers. The canopy walkway is a route containing narrow bridges hanging between the tallest trees in the jungle. From there you can not only admire the wonderful landscape of the mountains and overlook the forest but also, if you happen to be there at the right time, observe the most incredible bird species and monkeys, especially the red howlers. Atta lodge, hidden between the trees in a shade, is surely a place to relax.

Even on the hottest days, the air remains cool there, therefore there is a high chance you will have the most restful sleep, just like we did. The lodges are very beautiful with enormous beds and outdoor showers. Imagine taking a shower and looking at the sunset at the same time, sounds good, right? The lodge is a paradise for birdwatchers who come in numbers to see the most wonderful species of Guyana. The guides from Atta lodge know where and when to find all the birds and are very keen on assisting guests. The food there is just too good and there is no joking about it. We couldn’t move after every meal and were sleepy all the time but don’t regret any bite, it was absolutely delicious!

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