Kayaking in Ecuador

If you are looking for an easy getaway from Quito or just a stop on your way to the beach to simply have fun then Kayaking in Ecuador with Kayak Piedra de Vapor might be a choice for you to consider. Where the regions of Esmeraldas, Santo Domingo, and Pinchicha meet is where kayaking is a popular sport. One of the obvious reasons for this is the vast network of rivers here.

Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience nature in its purest form and work out at the same time- a combination we appreciate a lot. During our daily cycling rambles, we don’t use our upper bodies much. Therefore we always grab a chance without hesitation to do some cross-sport.

Man with red helmet on a kayak in Ecuador


Río Blanco arises in the volcanic region of Pichincha passing by Mindo. It receives further water from the Toachi River and many other rivers in the region such as the Rio Caoní and Rio Quininde. Rio Blanco eventually joins together with the Rio Esmeraldas where it will later also merge into the open sea. As you can see, this network of rivers is vast and the choices are certainly available.

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Choose your season before coming, Bear in mind that there are two seasons here: Dry and Rainy. The Rio Blanco can become very large during the rainy seasons which makes it unsuitable for the Kayaks offered in the region. Don’t be disappointed, other rivers can easily be chosen during this time, making kayaking here an all-year-round activity. Even though it looks like a small river, Caoní has it’s challenging parts. The good thing about this river is that it offers a wide range of levels of kayaking, you won’t get bored here that is almost certain.

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Piedra de Vapor

Safety first, that’s why helmets are provided and instruction is offered to the ones that do not have any experience. Most Kayaks are doubles so better choose your partner wisely unless you aren’t bothered by taking an unwanted swim in the river. Luckily, the climate here is very moderate so you won’t really get cold.

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We hope you enjoy your time in the region and check-out kayaking on the rivers of Ecuador.

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