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From Reggeaton to Techno, from Indie-pop to Rock, in the Nightlife of Quito, you can find it all and we went out to check out the night scene for you. But watch out with 2,850 meters of altitude, Quito is the second-highest capital in the world. Therefore, alcohol might affect you more than other places. With almost 3 million inhabitants Quito has a wide variety of clubs scattered throughout the city. Most of them are worth trying and don’t be discouraged by their location, they might have more to offer than you ever imagined.

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Located 20 km from the capital, Quito in Tumbaco, you will find Bassick. The name leaves space for interpretation but it’s anything but basic. This place offers a good variety of DJs from all over the world. Good beats and a reliable DJ performance will set the baseline for a good time. If you are looking for a special mix and an outstanding DJ-set, Bassick should be your place to go. Big names are frequently invited on the podium. Many European acts, such as Sasha from the UK, have already sent their tunes across the dance floor.

Though be warned, the climb is steep and might take some of your energy for the night. We would recommend a taxi at least for the way up. The good thing is, when the party is over, you can step out of the club into a night of glaring stars and vibrant city lights beneath you.

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La Mina

This venue is located at the magnificent spot, with a great view of the city. Fantastic local and international DJs frequent La Mina, which is a regular office in the daytime and transforms into a nightclub after sunset. A great advantage of this club is certainly the extended opening hours, a good sound system, and the outside lounge to catch some fresh air at the dancing breaks. We witnessed a 6 hours performance of the rising star Latmun from the UK and can only highly recommend everyone to check out this location.

Nightclub in Quito
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Bungalow 6

You aren’t looking for anything fancy, just want to have fun? Bungalow 6 is the spot in Quito for you. Girls are free and men get in with the $5 cover, a free drink is included. Not too bad right? But it doesn’t stop there. Bungalow 6 is more than just your standard night club, it has a total of 3 floors, one dance floor, one outside bar/patio, and one upstairs bar with a collection of artisanal beers.
Located in the heart of the new town of Quito, Bungalow 6, is perfect for your night out with new friends from the hostel you just made.
The music played includes something for everyone. The DJs offer mixes from Reggae to Hip-Hop, from Indie-pop to Rock, from Reggeaton to House. A good place to have fun and forget about your worries without having to go all out in Quito.

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Nightlife of Quito
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The Groove 

Relaxed atmosphere and good tunes in one place, that’s what The Groove could be easily summarized. The Groove has two dance floors, the relaxing outside patio, or the inside dance floor. Both of the options are nowhere close to standard. With smart tunes and good vibes, the evening is certainly not going to get boring. Don’t bother with a dress code here, it’s mostly casual and that’s what the kind of people The Groove opens its doors to.
With a mostly DJ front from Quito, you are sure to experience some local beats that make you move. DJane Dane Ramia and Israel Escobar from Quito itself delivered the beats for us to the dance floor and did not disappoint.
The Groove is a perfect spot for you, the electronic music lover on a tight budget.

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Club in Quito
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Dirty Sanchez Café Bar Galería

If you want to experience Quito to the fullest, make sure to visit the Dirty Sanchez Bar in the center of the new city. Everything from art and photography exhibitions, local and international live music, art nights, film screenings, Brownies Festival, Poker Nights, parties with urban music, and much more are offered. The atmosphere is super laid back and still, you will find plenty of people rocking the dance flow. The bar opened in 2010 and includes 2 floors. On the first floor, you will find a pretty bar and cozy sittings. The parties are mainly on the second floor, where you will also find a bar and a comfy balcony. Enjoy a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and dinner.

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