Hotel Visperas is a lovely, cozy place on the outskirts of Santa Rosa de Cabal. Located only 5 km from the famous hot springs and surrounded by a picturesque landscape, it is a perfect choice if you are planning a romantic trip with your beloved partner.

There are two accommodation options offered in Visperas. You can spend the night in the little, private cabin or in a room, which is also very comfortable and pretty. The hotel has its own restaurant where the local specialties are being prepared. You can taste the famous chorizo from Santa Rosa, a delicious trout or a mouthwatering arepa de chocolo topped with melted, regional cheese.

If you fancy something sweet, you can pop in their little cafe maintained in cycling style with the ingenious furniture and the interior design which won’t leave you indifferent. They serve there delicious, freshly brewed coffee prepared in many variations and delicious cakes and cookies to sweeten your day.

For those who, like us, prefer an active vacation, there are bicycles to rent. You can explore many cycling paths leading through calm forests, peaceful valleys and green hills where your only company will be the indifferent cattle.

We recommend Hotel Visperas to all those who like a peaceful and quiet atmosphere during their free time but prefer to stay active and explore nature. That’s the place to book for your upcoming holiday!

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