Hotel Triglav Bled

We had an opportunity to spend one night in this outstanding place: Hotel Triglav Bled. Beautifully located with windows looking out the Bled Lake it is one of the most classy and tasteful hotels we have ever stayed in.

The interiors differ significantly from all the other places we had a chance to spend a night in. Every room as well as corridors, the lounge, and the reception area filled with antiques, art, and old photographs. You can trace all the hotel’s past and see how the place looked like years ago. Triglav Bled is bursting with history and tradition and that’s what makes in exceptional. This hotel, in contrast to many others, has a soul and a unique atmosphere.

We had a very relaxing evening in the hotel’s SPA with saunas and a swimming pool overlooking the lake at the sunset. The breakfast was delicious with a big variety of different foods and drinks and the staff was very polite, kind, and attentive. We had a great time, this place really is something special.



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Hotel Triglav Bled

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