Tambo Condor is an ecotourism project who stands for sustainable tourism. The lodge about 2 h drive from the capital. Laguna de Secas can be visited by bicycle or car on asphalt road. The mountain Antisana, which stands at a height of 5,704 meters is nearby as well and can be seen from the lagoon.

Tambo Condor offers packages for tourists such as guided horseback tours. The Tambo Condor Restaurant has a capacity for 50 people. While enjoying your meal you can observe all kinds of beautiful wildlife such as hummingbirds.

You can order vegetarian or local dishes, as well as international cuisine.

If you like tranquillity and nature waste no second thought. Book double and matrimonial cabins with private bathrooms with hot water. You also have the option to book a matrimonial, single or double room in a lodge which has an even more impressive view.


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