Marta Sobczak


selfie of pretty woman with curly hair sitting in car / Marta Sobczak
Marta Sobczak

My name is Marta Sobczak. I was born in 1990 in Poland and grew up in Wągrowiec, a cozy little town in the western part of the country. That is where I’ve met wonderful people and built the most valuable, lifelong friendships.

My family is by far the most important for me. There is nothing that comes before them and their happiness.

Back in the school years I was totally devoted and focused on my biggest passion- theater. I divided my time between studies and rehearsals. Only during summer holidays I would pack my backpack and hit the road with the best company – my family and friends. With them, I’ve visited most of the European countries.

More About me:

I finished my education as M. A. of Arabic language and Islamic Studies.  During my studies, I participated in students project School for School in Sudan where I had the chance to work in primary schools in 2012 and 2013. This trip was my first culture clash, a sort of awakening, or an impulse that pushes me to discover and explore more.

For one year I lived and studied in Jordan. Afterward, I moved to Lebanon where I’ve completed my internship in the Polish embassy. It gave me an opportunity to travel to the Middle East. I totally soaked into the Arab culture, art, music, and cuisine. I am grateful for every crazy day I’ve spent there, every journey I undertook, and every conversation I had because they all were precious lessons.

Together with Ben, I moved to Spain in order to save up money for our tandem trip and learn and practice the Spanish language. We hitchhiked through Western Africa and finished an 8000 km tandem tour through the northern part of Europe as well as a 5000km journey through the Alps and the Balkans. Also, we traveled for 1 year through South Amerika by tandem bicycle. These were the most exhausting and at the same time most amazing adventures. I also accompanied Benjamin at the beginning of his Tandem adventures.

I’m happiest when I can read and cook all day long. Apart from that and, obviously, traveling I have a huge passion for photography. You can check some of my works and visit my portfolio MARTA SOBCZAK  I find great pleasure in sports (who would have thought!), especially in running. Even though my distances are not marathons (not yet, I promise!) I am really proud of each kilometer. My biggest dream is to write and publish a book.