Mindo Zipline

two people doing ziplinine together
Flying High!

Sightseeing and adrenaline-filled fun – how can that ever be combined in one sentence, you may ask yourself. Mindo Zipline has it all together, letting you glide through the cloud forest. This will certainly change your perspective of the great biodiversity of the region that Mindo has to offer.

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Let’s Go

There isn’t much introduction needed, you put on your helmet, safety gear securely attached, gloves on, and off you go. The entire system reinforced through a double safety cable, so your first worries should be lifted by now. Additionally, the breaking point for harnesses, carabineers, and slings is approx. 2200kg and the cable resistance is 6,800 kg. Moreover, the braking system is a well thought out process where staff members waiting on the arriving site, and break as you zip in. Literally, all you need to do is walk off the edge and enjoy the ride.

man on a zipline
Great Views!

Mindo Canopy Adventure offers a zip line tour with 10 breathtaking rides. Each of which offers a somewhat different view on the valley and its surroundings. You will zip down one cable and wait for the group to catch up, which makes this the perfect family activity for all ages. In between the rides, you take short walks up to 150m through the subtropical rainforest of the Choco region.

man on a zipline
Chilling 🙂

Are you still scared? At this point, it’s only you personally holding you back, but don’t worry it’s normal to be tense at first.


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