FINCA HOTEL MARCELANDIA is a wonderful family-run place with loads of charm and undeniable appeal. It is located in the most convenient and beautiful spot in the countryside, only 5 km away from famous hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal.  The surroundings are absolutely stunning with green hills, streams and the river, forests, and fields of flowers. There are plenty of activities to choose in the area like hiking, cycling or even quad tours. Apart from all of that Marcelandia offers their own entertainment such as horseback riding and fishing!

All the guests are welcome to catch their own lunch and enjoy the fresh trout or mojarra. The kids can enjoy the vast playground or jump at the trampoline while their parents enjoy the calm afternoon in the nature sipping fresh coffee or fruit juices.

The rooms in Marcelandia are simply lovely. With handmade ornaments and fresh flowers, the interiors are very inviting and comfortable. For that reason, Marcelandia is the perfect location for couples seeking relaxation in a romantic place.