HERMINIAS FARM is a little property located deep in the forest near Pacto. Even though the location might be hard to find at first, but you will not regret the extra effort once you have arrived. Certainly, off the beaten track, Herminia’s Farm still offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners and more to its guests.

From Pacto, while heading towards Mashpi, take a right turn towards El Progreso/Buenos Aires. You might want to ask, just to be sure. Following this road for roughly 2km, you will pass by a mine. Don’t be discouraged yet, you still have a good way to go. Take a right turn at the public swimming pool and you are on the right track. From here, you will always go straight, for roughly 10km, passing by a village called El Progresso. Another kilometer after El Progresso you will see a gate on your right-hand side, you have reached your destination.

The rural feeling directly takes over your system. Dogs, chicken, roosters, and turkeys are running around the property. The trees are growing with juicy fruits on them and the fish swim in the pond waiting to be taken out for your meal.

You can start hiking directly from the lodge. You can either stay on the well-maintained forest road checking out the little villages in the surrounding or walk down the hill to a waterfall, river and a lake to take a refreshing swim.

No matter what you decide to do around Herminia’s Farm Stay to make sure to relax and enjoy the quiet times.

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