Hotel Palacio is in our opinion the best hotel in Paramaribo. With wonderful, helpful and most of all professional staff, this is the place where you want to stay if you enjoy good service. The rooms are very cozy, tastefully designed and air-conditioned. What impressed us most were specially prepared towels, soaps, tissue boxes and even robes all with the hotel’s name. This solicitude and attention to every detail assured us that Palacio is run with all the devotion and care so precious in this business.

There is a beautiful terrace at the rooftop and a lounge in the basement of the Palacio Hotel. All those willing to throw a party in a very luxurious place should definitely check out this address. If you decide to choose Palacio, you can be sure that the finest alcohols together with the best champagnes will be provided and your guests won’t leave disappointed.

Another excellent and innovative solution was adapted in Palacio concerning breakfasts. All guests are provided a form in which they specify what kind of food they wish to have the next morning. You can mention all your food restrictions and decide about the quantity of everything you want to eat. We found this idea very smart as it ensures the freshness and best quality of meals. Great job, Palacio!

If you wish to have your dinner in the hotel, you can choose from menus of several local restaurants and your food will be brought to you and served hot in the dining room. Everyone can find something for themselves and if you have a special request no doubt that the staff will make sure to meet your expectations. The great place ran by professionals, highly recommended!

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