Best Western Amazonia

Best Western Amazonia is a fantastic choice for those who like to stay close to the city center while traveling.

Located on the main street of Cayenne, the hotel guarantees a calm atmosphere right in the heart of the capital. Guests can eat a tasty meal in the restaurant. The kitchen offers a range of fresh seafood, traditional Guyanese dishes, and French desserts. In the evening guests and other visitors enjoy their drinks and cocktails in Best Western Amazonia’s bar.

Staying there we could enjoy our coffee at the hotel’s patio and relax in their swimming pool. Our room, equipped with a fridge and a bathroom with a bathtub, was connected to a balcony overlooking the streets of Cayenne.

We enjoyed our stay in Best Western Amazonia and we recommend it to everyone visiting Cayenne. It’s a perfect starting point for all the excursions and trips and surely a pleasant place to come back and relax after a long day.


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Best Western Amazonia

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