Bace Jump Landau

We loved our day in the Bace Jump Landau! Our jumping skills were nothing comparing to all the fearless children who were capable of performing the craziest flips without any hesitation. We’ve left the arena totally exhausted and at the same time filled with positive energy. Whether you have children or not- you should definitely check out a trampoline arena. Get rid of your fear, make flips, jump high, and throw yourself into this sponge! It’s a great way to actively spend time and discover the child within yourself once again!




Man in a jumping arena holding on a bar at the ceiling
Let’s Do This!


Man in a Bace Jump Landau
It is as much fun as it looks like.
a man and a woman in Bace jump Landau
Bacejump Landau
Man throwing a basketball on a trampoline in the Bace Jump Landau
Basketball is even more fun on a trampoline!


selfie of a man jumping on a trampoline
High in the sky!

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