The gigantic waves in Porto Cayo are definitely worth a visit and the fun can perfectly be started at Cabañas Cabalonga Adventure. The beach bar and campfire pit combined turn this place into a perfect mix of party and quiet nature place.

If you are like us and you never went surfing before you might not know much about these waves. In Cabañas Cabalonga kayaks are available for rent and you can try kayak-surfing. A fun way to get used to the force of those waves. This is the case during the rainy season. Come during the dry month to just relax or take the kayak out for a trip around the coastline.

You want to camp but still have some comfort, well this place has you covered. The tents are nice and comfortable with two beds each and a hammock in front. Since you are meant to connect to nature, there is no TV but the internet is stable and strong around the entire premises.

Come and rediscover nature and camping for yourself at Cabañas Cabalonga Eco-Lodge.

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