SHIBA KALEKO RESORT is located in Rockstone, around 25 km from Linden. It’s a very bumpy ride with a lot of sand (or mud if you’re unlucky). It’s a really struggle to reach the place, especially by bike but once you’re there you know it was worth it. Away from the whole world, by a little creek where you can bath and cool down on a hot day. The place is run by and Amerindian couple although the owners of the place live in Georgetown.

Spending time with Gladys and her husband was a pleasure itself for they are very kind, beautiful and simple people. Gladys cooked for us some Amerindian food and taught Marta how to prepare puri- a Guyanese snack with split pea. We sat together in the outdoor kitchen during heavy rain and enjoyed nature. We slept in a wooden house with a small simple bathroom. Those who seek luxury won’t find it in Shiba Kaleko, but the one who likes to be close to nature and like simple and calm life is going to love it. Just like we did.

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