The Guesthouse Kuyllur Ñan is located in Zumbahua, which is one of our favorite trekking spots in Ecuador. You can go trekking around the area for many days in a region, which is sparsely populated. One of our favorite hikes was to the highest peak of the area,  Rumi Cruz which is at around 4300m altitude. The treks in the region are fairly easy and require only a charged self phone with GPS and some reasonable endurance. The guesthouse is truly in the ideal spot for your outdoor adventures.

The guesthouse offers single, matrimonial, double and triple rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, heater, and toiletries.

Kuyllur Ñán offers very delicious breakfasts, lunch, and dinner. Free parking and Wifi is provided to all guests. There is a cozy dining room with a wood stove and sittings. You find many shops and restaurants nearby. Every weekend there is a big market in town. The staff and owner are really friendly and welcoming people who will make your stay wonderful.

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