For more than 20 years Velotraum – which means „Bicycle dream“ and is not only the name of the company but also the passion of the owners and the team – designs and manufactures individual bikes in Weil der Stadt (near Stuttgart) in the South of Germany.

Passion and mission – not only aiming at the best and always the better bicycle but inspired by and striving to live in a certain context which means an attitude towards life, a system of values, and a certain quality of life.

Each year the manufactory produces 600 one-of-a-kind bikes – true to the motto: Quality is what the customer needs and wants – where the customer can choose from four bicycle worlds depending on his needs and the use he wants to make of his bike: Concept, Speedster, Finder or Pedelec.

The correct and adequate sitting position is essential for efficient and comfortable cycling. Therefore all bicycles are customized with the specially developed Velotraum measuring machine. The sitting position is worked out in detail together with the customer and is transferred to the future bicycle accurate to the centimeter.

A careful selection of bicycle components leaves a lot of space for personal preferences and the desired color (200 RAL colors available) is the emotional keystone for your own bicycle dream.

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