CASA TURISTICA DE SILVIA – Silvia is surely one of our favorite places in Colombia. Surrounded by mountains, peaceful and quiet, it is the home to indigenous community Misak, who was able to perceive their own traditions, customs, and even language. Visiting Silvia we stayed in a wonderful place. THis beautiful place became our home for two days and we were welcomed there very warmly.

The hotel is also a museum with souvenirs and art not only from Colombia but from all over the world. Our room was very cozy with a comfortable bed and warm blankets (the nights in Silvia can get very cold).

All the meals were really delicious and gave us a lot of strength before the upcoming days in the Andes.

What was the most special about Casa Turistica de Silvia were the people working there. Everyone was incredibly friendly and kind to us. That is a great quality that should be praised and mentioned.

With all our hearts we recommend visiting Silvia and Casa Turistica to everyone traveling Colombia. You won’t regret it!

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