Tunas y Cabras is a true paradise in the middle of nowhere. It was an incredible pleasure to spend there two days and experience full relaxation surrounded by the breathtaking nature and animals.

To get to the hotel we needed to climb a mountain and then stroll down through deserted hills. Tunas y Cabras is located in the middle of nowhere and this is surely one of its biggest advantages. Leaving our cabin we had a view over endless hills and mountains. There you could really take a break from busy life, loud streets and city crowds. Tunas and Cabras is the best place to rest and recharge the batteries better.

We were welcomed with open arms and had a very delicious dinner on the first evening. The restaurant is very spacious with high ceiling and tastefully designed interiors. There is also a special room on the first floor where the guests can watch TV and admire the sunset through glass walls.


The next day we started with some tasty breakfast and a horseback ride through the hills and this was a true adventure! Discovering the hidden corners of the area together with a horse was a magical experience and we recommend everyone to visit Tunas and Cabras for that very reason!

There was a beautiful swimming pool to lay in the sun and many hammocks, chairs, and sofas to enjoy the weather. If you feel like spending time actively you can also trek around the mountains, but also play football on the hotel’s playground. In Tunas and Cabras they think also about the youngest guests. There is a charming little treehouse, swings, trampoline, and many other attractions to keep the children happy and busy.

We had a truly amazing stay in Tunas y Cabras. If you visit Ecuador to make sure that you also live this extraordinary experience, it is really worth it!

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