By all means- try Lasertag the moment you get the chance! Make yourself a gift and create this opportunity! Look for the closest Lasertag center near you and thank us afterward!

Even though it might seem childish now to run around with plastic guns and it doesn’t come across as your type of fun- believe us- in good company, this can easily become a favorite activity of nearly everyone. We invited our friends- Lisa and Toby- to give it a try with us in Lasertag Landau.

After some game and safety instructions, we were eager to start the battle. The rules are simple. Players run around and hide in a specially equipped outdoor or indoor location. Indoors the area is often dark – in our case with a smoke machine and lasers to make it even more dramatic (spheric background music is optional). Everyone wears a special suit connected to a laser gun. The task is to shoot the suits of your opponents (100 points) on the bright parts and gather as many points as possible. Once shot, a person gets disconnected. The vest and the gun switch off- for 6 seconds and you are not able to participate in the game. Throughout the game, your suit will communicate with you to let you know your status. An optional variant of the game is to include targets that you need to hit (1001 points).


You might also include targets that make you either invulnerable or give you uninterrupted laser power to your gun for 10 seconds – depending on the time you hit this target. Furthermore, it is forbidden to chase after a player you just hit (fair play). When the equipment goes off you become basically invisible in the darkness- that’s the moment to hide and look for the best position to attack again. You can play in teams, or like a true warrior alone against a team as well as the chaos battle we have chosen where every player fights against all others. You have endless ammunition and amour.

In the beginning, we were very septic, but once the game started the motivation was overpowering!

We were like kids

shouting loudly, attacking each other, and constantly laughing. Each of the 13-minute games left us breathless but totally excited and pumped. With every round, we became cleverer and tried various techniques of approaching our opponents in order to take them by surprise.

To be honest Toby totally kicked our butts. We were just too loud and hectic for him. But that doesn’t mean a thing- it was immense fun and we honestly would love to do it each weekend. This game is great for children birthdays, company events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, school events but also for more professional tournaments. By the way, the game schools military personal in certain countries and is pretty close to reality.

Gather your best friends or family and have some action in your life, it’s worth every penny!


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Lasertag Landau!
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We recommend!
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It is for everyone!
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We Loved It!
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Hope to be back!

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