MOTEL CARIBBEAN BEACH is an enormous place right on the outskirts of El Tigre. What attracts the attention first is that the place is very safe and well protected, so all the guests can feel at ease leaving their cars (or bikes!) outside for the night. Every room is connected to a small garage closed every night. Each apartment has not only a bathroom but also en-suite Jacuzzi right next to a king-size bed. There is a huge flat screen in every room as well as air conditioning.

Guests of the MOTEL CARIBBEAN BEACH can order a breakfast which will be delivered on scheduled time right to their room.

The owners, as well as all the employees, are very kind and polite, extremely helpful and easy-going. The motel has a very high standard for a price one needs to pay to spend there a night. A dream for all those traveling on a budget but still enjoying a good night’s rest.

+58 283-2412476