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HOTEL STEINERWIRT 1493 – What a perfect ending of a very hard day! After cycling through the Grossglockner High Alpine Road we’ve reached Zell am See right on time to get soaking wet in a storm which chased us all day long. We were really lucky and happy to find a shelter in Steinerwirt Hotel where the owner herself welcomed us with a heart-warming smile. This cozy little place was everything we needed after hours of struggle and fight against the mountain.

Our room was cozy and absolutely beautiful with windows overlooking the town. It was the most pleasant feeling to jump into bed after a hot shower and listen to the sounds of rain outside.

We’ve spent the evening in the sauna connected to the cooling area filled with sofas and cushions. There was a whirlpool on the rooftop as well!

We loved it

Later that night we had a delicious supper at the restaurant belonging to the Steinerwirt Hotel. Words can’t describe how great it was to have a deer stew followed by the most impressing dessert- the Salzburger Nockler. The restaurant was bustling and attracted people not only with their delicious food but also with a tasteful Austrian design and extremely nice and relaxed staff.

We were very impressed by their library where everyone, both German and English readers, can find something interesting. It’s also a great place to sit and relax or work with a computer if necessary. But if you don’t feel like that, you can just grab that book and ensconce in your warm, inviting bed.

Steinerwirt Hotel, thanks to its location, is a perfect spot to set off for exploring the city. It is also an ideal place to take rest after a long day in the mountains. It was a pure pleasure to stay there. Don’t miss the chance to visit them when you’re in Zell am See.

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