MoroGrill / Ecuador

If you are planning to visit Guayaquil, you have to stop by and eat at the fantastic MoroGrill.

This well-known restaurant in Sanborondon offers many varieties of traditional dishes. It is a comfy place with good service, where you can eat lunch and dinner. MoroGrill is a great place to have a lovely moment with your family and friends.

The restaurant offers an amazing mix of flavors and dishes such as grilled corn, meat, rib steak, chicken, sweet platano. Their special dish is moro rice, which is a combination of rice, vegetables, and beans or lentils. You can actually make your own mix, depending on your taste. It all comes at a great price.


If you are new to town, we can recommend you to try:
Rib steak accompanied by baked potato filled with cheese, el sartenazo and patacón a lo bestia. If you are really hungry the churrasco en moro montado should be your choice.

They also have a variety of beverages, like beer, natural juices, and desserts. We loved the atmosphere and the service of the restaurant. The staff was very polite and we got the food quickly. Thank you for the lovely time. The food is really delicious and the portions are big enough to satisfy everyone’s needs. The neighborhood is quite nice to have a stroll around. For more information please check out the two following links:

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