We are excited and happy to inform you about our cooperation with Tentipi the Swedish tent producer. Thanks to them we have an indisputable pleasure to camp in supercomfortable conditions and spend nights in Olivin tipi tent which we would like to introduce you. Olivin was designed for strength and endurance rather than for the lowest weight and cheapest price. Made of the highest quality of the waterproof fabric and extremely durable components, Olivin is a perfect choice for long-term travels and camping in difficult conditions.

tentipi tent with a man in the nature
Me In The Tent In Switzerland

The roominess and simplicity in erecting the tent are great advantages, especially for us. Using Olivin we can accommodate ourselves together with all the luggage without affecting our comfort. Our tipi has a very well designed ventilation system equipped with mosquito nets fitted in every opening.  While folded, Olivin is very compact and easy to transport- that’s another highly valued, in our case, feature. It weighs 3,4 kg.

Here we present Key Features of the Olivin Tent:

  • 3 minutes to erect

  • In-Tent Vent™ ventilation system in the high peak provides natural ventilation on the hot mornings and days. Easy to regulate from inside, even from your sleeping bag.

  • Large ventilation openings, each fitted with a mosquito net, facilitate natural ventilation.

  • Strong floor material that stops ground damp, a common problem in low-weight tents.

  • Storm cord holders that prevent cord tangling.

  • Suitable for use in any season thanks to the built-in and raisable snow flap.

  • Smoke chimney on the micro stove can be led out through the peak of the outer tent.

  • Outer tent can be used without the inner-tent.  It is very light and the incline allows any water droplets from condensation on the inner surface to run off better than in other types of tent.

  • The well-ventilated inner-tent can also be used separately (for example when insect protection is the main priority).

  • Exceptionally stable in strong winds.

  • In an emergency, a small open fire can be a line inside.

If you love camping, especially in hard conditions, Olivin tent is definitely THE ONE for you. This comfortable and cozy tipi is a perfect tent to take a good rest after a long day and gather strength for the upcoming adventures. Visit their website and check out all of their incredible tents!

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