Ciel De Case

Ciel de Case is an aparthotel located in the town of Remire Montjoly, half an hour cycling from the city center of Cayenne. We’ve spent three nights in this spacious and luxurious place and enjoyed very much the feeling of freedom and independence difficult to find in hotels and resorts.

Apartments were situated in a very convenient for our location. From there we could easily set off for a jungle trek, a bicycle trip around neighboring villages or go to the beach and at the same time remain very close to the city center.

The interiors in Ciel de Case are simply astonishing. Clean and modern, with huge windows and TV, the living room connected to the open kitchen is a very tastefully designed space. The leather sofa, wooden furniture, and high ceilings make this aparthotel sumptuous and elegant.

Every Ciel de Case flat is well equipped with everything a traveler or businessman may need- a washing machine, iron, hairdryer, and all the kitchen tools one needs to prepare a delicious meal.

The best part of the apartment for us was the bedroom. It was located on an entresol, with an extremely comfortable and wide bed. The bathroom was an extension of the bedroom together with a very spacious dressing room.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Cayenne and you value your independence and peace- Ciel de Case is undoubtedly a place for you. Make yourself a gift and indulge yourself in choosing this neat and stylish hotel.


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