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It rarely happens that we are so enchanted by the owners of a hotel. Not often we meet people who are truly devoted to what they do and really love their job. It was a pleasure to meet Sabrina and her father who together runs Hotel and Restaurant de l’Ours is a lovely town of Coulommiers in France. We’ve spent there one night during our winter journey to Paris and were absolutely enchanted. The town was full of lights and Christmas spirit, joyful and vivid. Sitting in the cosy interior of the restaurant located on one of the busy but charming streets we could enjoy the warmth, great atmosphere and most of all- delicious food.

How many times have you seen a restaurant owner coming in and greeting every guest one by one so everybody feels important and welcomed? Us neither. But in Restaurant de l’Ours it seems perfectly normal. It’s a shiny example of a family-run business where all the workers are truly its members.

We felt at ease

The hotel was very comfortable and cosy, extremely quiet which was a pleasant surprise. We didn’t spend much time there though. The definite highlight was the restaurant and that was the place we wanted to hang out in.

We both enjoyed some great wine and delicious, fresh salads but the best was about to come. Coulommiers is famous for their local cheese, therefore, we couldn’t miss the chance to taste it. We enjoyed the tartiflette usually prepared with Reblochon cheese but here replaced by the local kind. Recipe for this dish you can find in our FOOD section or simply by clicking here.

If you have a chance and you pass by do yourself a favour and visit Coulommiers’ Restaurant de l’Ours- for the atmosphere, for the people and most of all for that insane tartiflette!

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