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Brooks England is a bicycle saddle manufacturer in Smethwick, West Midlands.

Brooks England has been making leather goods since 1866 when it was founded in Hockley, Birmingham. In the 1880s, the production of bicycle saddles began, the first saddle patent having been filed in 1882. In a 2014 interview with Feel Desain, a Brooks spokesperson stated that according to family legend, the company began when founder John Boultbee Brooks, a horse saddle manufacturer, tried to use a bicycle after his horse died but found the wooden seat very uncomfortable. As a result, he vowed to set about solving this problem and Brooks was born.

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Brooks England has been making quality goods for its customers ever since the founder created the Brooks company. Today Brooks remains committed to his legacy. His early blueprints and inspirational pursuit of innovation led to a wealth of quality, durable, and beautiful products. so they certainly preserve that spirit by combining the very best of modern technology with the timeless Brooks aesthetic. The company still delivers the finest saddles and cycling accessories to its customers across the UK and beyond – even after all this time.

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