Casa del Reloj is located right in the heart of Medellin, close to all the cozy cafes, stylish restaurants with delicious food and the best city clubs. We could not imagine a better place to stay while exploring Medellin, this place has it all.

The hotel is located in a charming building and everything about it is just stylish. There is no need to mention that the place is very clean and taken care of very well. The owners certainly know what their guests need and welcome everyone with warmth and kindness. The staff is highly professional and helpful, there is no doubt that their main focus and concern is your comfort and well-being.

We had a pleasure to stay in a lovely apartment named Principito- the Little Prince. The fully equipped, the wooden kitchen was connected to the little living room and eating area with windows overlooking the lovely surroundings.

In the bedroom, there was a huge and very comfortable bed, an enormous TV screen with many Spanish and English channels.

In Casa del Reloj they seem to think about everything. It is not common to find a hairdryer in the bathroom or an iron- little things that make travel much easier.

If we are lucky enough to come back to Medellin one day, this establishment will surely be the place we will choose to stay in. We can’t express enough how relaxing those two days were and how well-rested we left it. Thank you, Casa del Reloj, for this lovely experience.

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