If you are planning to visit the Amazonas in Ecuador – THE GREAT AMAZONAS HOSTEL should be on your list.

The hostel is located about 30 km away from the city of Puyo, within the depths of the jungle.

Choose between single, matrimonial or triple rooms with private bathrooms. You can also take a shared dorm with shared bathrooms. All rooms come with toiletries and a ventilator.

Free parking and Wifi is provided on the property. Feel free to use the fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals or order your meals from the staff. You can also order many different beverages. Water is free of charge.

You can go for a walk around the various paths on the property or the nearby waterfall Hola Vida (approximately one hour walk). You should not miss the chance to visit the nearby touristic site called  Mirador Indichuris, where you can see huge manmade caves which look like heads. All caves are connected with each other and can be walked through by all visitors. There, you can also use a swing with an amazing view over the canopy.

We felt very welcome at the Great Amazonas Hostel and were well taken care of by the staff. We recommend:

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