Jaw Jaw a Tela is certainly, and we admit it without any hesitation, the place where we had the most fun during the whole, one month stay in Suriname. Not only we’ve learned so many wonderful, useful and interesting stories, but we also have met great people and for 3 days were a part of a beautiful community.
This spot is nothing like anything we have seen so far. Located in the village of Jaw Jaw, around 20 minutes boat ride from Atjoni- the point where the road ends and all the traffic moves to the Suriname River. Staying there we got to sleep in traditional wooden and straw houses typical for Maroon tribes and learned the culture, tradition and daily life of the Saamaca people.

We ate like kings and tasted new dishes from dusk till dawn. We could ask a million questions to Bele- our guide, the owner and now a dear friend, and always got the answer. We basically interviewed local basket maker (Mr. Sweet Cake, isn’t that a wonderful nickname?) and the local hunter whose bravery was incomprehensible to us. Marta got to know how to cook some local dishes, we have seen how traditional clothes are made and took a walk around the village. We’ve met women doing laundry at the riverbank, children walking back from school and even got to know everyone’s favorite pet- Binky, the sloth who loves rice.

The huts prepared for tourists were perfect in every detail. Inside you could find some local handcraft and pottery which gave it a unique charm. We encourage everyone who visits Suriname to not waste time and travel straightaway to Jaw Jaw for a great adventure and beautiful social experience.

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