One of the more unknown beaches on the coastline of Ecuador is San Jacinto and right on the beach, you will find Hotel El Mirador. The perfect low-budget option for your beach vacation in Ecuador. The first thing you see when you open the door from your hotel room will be the ocean and the last thing you hear at night are the sounds of the waves.

San Jacinto brings you back to the times when fishing was still the main resource in this area. It almost seems like time is standing still. Local fisherman hanging in their hammocks waiting for the hot time of the day to pass is a scene that you will likely encounter here.

In case you run out of water or feeling hot, the shop is right downstairs in the hotel with a small selection. Furthermore, breakfast (desayuno) are offered by the friendly staff of El Mirador.

The options between private, family or suits are given and all of which come with air conditioning and cable TV.

San Jacinto is definitely a secret tip for travelers seeking a more local experience, be aware, you might be the only tourist here on the beach at times.

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