Hotel Finca El Achiote is located right in the National Coffee Park in Quindio, Colombia. The family-run business is powered with love end kindness of its members who welcome all their guests with all the affection and carrying. From the very first moment, we felt welcome and relaxed and could enjoy to the fullest all the incredible features of Finca El Achiote.

The name of the place comes from the tree growing proudly in front of the house. El Achiote is used by the indigenous people to paint their skin during important ceremonies and rites. It is also used for cooking to give the food a nice, orange color. The rooms in Achiote are very spacious with high ceilings to keep the interiors cool on even the hottest days.

We felt very welcomed!

There is a big wooden table right next to the kitchen where all the guests eat together and get to know each other. This gives El Achiote a unique atmosphere of togetherness. There are several spots with comfortable armchairs, couches, and hammocks where you can relax with a book or take an afternoon nap. There is a wonderful, enormous swimming pool to cool down after a long day.

If you don’t like water, take a walk around the huge garden, pick guavas and oranges and enjoy the company of colorful, singing birds. Breakfasts and other meals served in El Achiote are prepared with all the love and care you can think of. The owners are very talented cooks so be sure to taste some delicious traditional cuisine. We enjoyed very much the real Colombian barbecue organized for us and other guests during our stay. There was a lot of great food, music, and laughter- the Colombian hospitality at its best! We are also very thankful for all the enriching conversations we had with the owner, who told us a lot about Colombia and Quindio including the political situation, history, and local legends. We are very thankful for those two wonderful days. If you ever happen to visit Quindio, don’t hesitate and book yourself a wonderful stay in El Achiote.

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